New Work by Sarah Elise Abramson (Photos and a Story)

I’m Hungry

A true story that happened long ago by Sarah Elise Abramson

I was somewhere that I probably shouldn’t have been. But, I was there. Two San Pedro gangster dudes walk in and sit down. We are introduced. We’ll call them “F” and “P”. I start talking to “F” about his tattoos. Asked him where he’d got all of them done. He was completely covered, head, neck, arms, hands, face; everywhere.

“I live most of my life in prison. I’m only out for short periods of time. So I got them all in in there.”

“Oh…so then what do you do when you’re out? Do you try to find a job and shit?”

“No. I gang-bang.”

We continued to talk. He told me how they make tattoo ink in prison. It sounded like an incredibly long and tedious process. I’m interested. We keep talking.

“Have you ever killed anyone before?”

“No.” he said after a long pause and with no eye contact. He might as well have said, “yes”.

“When was the first time you got arrested? What was it for?”

“The first time I was arrested was for ten years. I disfigured some guys face.”

After I had asked all my questions, I lost interest and went to the backyard to smoke a cigarette. Half way through my cigarette “F” came outside. He took my hand and led me into the very back of the yard behind the garage. Then I watched him get down on his knees and start to lift my skirt. He looked up at me and said, “I’m hungry.”

I paused, it took a second for me to realize exactly what was happening. Then I burst out laughing and swatted his hands away from my skirt.

“I’m not that kind of girl” I said, still laughing.

He looked surprised and asked if I was sure.


He half shrugged and as he got up off his knees said, “Well, I had to try.” We walked back inside.

I left.

Photos and Words © Sarah Elise Abramson

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