5 Ways to Make Your Art Blog Surprisingly Successful

Guest Post by Sophia Mann

Painting by Selphine Cossais

Painting by Selphine Cossais

Having a blog to talk about your art is a great way to reach out to art collectors, prospective buyers and people who are genuinely interested in knowing about you and your work.

Kudos to you if your blog is doing well and you get a lot of likes, comments, shares and pins. These tips will nonetheless be helpful. And for all of you who are wondering why exactly your blog and its contents are not getting the traffic or appreciation it deserves, the following tips will sort you out. In an era of aggressive marketing, simply quality and good content will not make you stand out and get what you deserve. You will have to put in additional efforts to make your blog successful. You will have to perceive what the readers and the viewers want from you and deliver that to them.

A good blog is one which its readers can’t help but return to. Artists crave appreciation more than anyone else. Your blog content should be powerful enough to invoke emotion in your readers and compel them to respond. That is the key to a successful blog. This post discusses some essential characteristics that go into making a successful blog.

Do Not Imitate

What has got you noticed is your originality. What you are trying to get across is your art. Notice how I stress on ‘you’. This is what you need to remember. Do not be nervous to let the readers have a peek into you the artist and you the person.
Do not try to imitate any other art blogger’s work presentation or blogging style. Be yourself while communicating to your audience. Do not just show them the perfect end product that you produce. Show them the toil and the struggle that goes into producing a piece of art as well.

Don’t be scared to reveal your vulnerabilities to your readers. All of us are vulnerable and have weaknesses. When you present yourself in your blog as an infallible artist, as do some glossy, self-promotional bloggers, you won’t strike a chord with your audience. Only when you’re yourself will they relate to you. Do not imitate anyone. Be yourself in your blog.

Employ an Interested and Enthusiastic Tone

Being an art blogger is not a tough job. But you do need to watch your tone and style of talking.

Do not be a pessimist or a tired soul every time you are blogging. All of us have our good and bad days. Don’t let that reflect in your work or writing though. Telling your readers the effort you put into making a painting or conveying to them your disappointment at a work not receiving the kind of appreciation you thought it would is fine. What you need to watch is the tone you are conveying it in.

Are you saying it in a way that would discourage a budding artist to become a full-fledged one? Or are you conveying it in a way that would prepare him for the toils of the job? It should be the latter.

That is the difference the right kind of tone can make. Always interact with visitors and readers in a positive manner. Let your posts and works inspire and motivate them to go ahead and achieve their aspirations. Sound enthusiastic when you address or speak to your readers. Respond to all queries and comments aimed at your work. Everybody likes to be acknowledged. Make sure you acknowledge those who have something to say to you. Be genuinely interested in your followers.

Be Diverse in Your Content

An art blog belongs to a category of its own. So there, you already have a specialization. Don’t try to make your content even more specific. You will only narrow down your audience.

Instead, address a variety of topics in your blog post. Art lovers and collectors are looking for a wide range of information. Carry out a thorough research. See the art-related topics that readers are most keen to know about. Identify the gaps in the information available online. Which topics are generating a lot of interest but haven’t been properly addressed? Read up on them and fill in the gaps in the information by posting relevant and reliable content on your blog.

Write on various subjects and provide information on a variety of topics in a lucid and engaging manner. You will soon become the go-to blog for many art enthusiasts.

Provide Details

Details! Details! Details! I can’t emphasize enough the importance of providing details in your blog. Be varied in the choice of subjects in your blog but provide detailed information on each of them.

Don’t assume the readers will know the basics. Always spell out the facts. Remember, the devil is in the details.

The more you provide detailed information, the more trusted and preferred your blog will become. You may be an art expert but your audience can be anybody, from art experts to art collectors to amateur and aspiring painters. Cater to all of them. Gain expertise to provide an informative and enriching blog.

Make It Interactive

Invite discussion, reader contribution and opinions on your blog. As I mentioned earlier, reply to all comments, whether critical or appreciative.. At the same time, keep your tone conversational and not preachy.

Make the blog even more interactive by allowing your readers to put up content on your blog -whether their own artwork or a note about a new style of painting they’ve found. The idea is to have a dialogue rather than a monologue. Obviously, it is your blog, so you will get to share much more. But to keep your readers hooked, make them feel a part of your blog too.

To Conclude

Be regular, focused and disciplined in your posting. Apply the above tips and see your blog rise in popularity and fame. Make sure you do not let that affect your quality and dedication though. Stay passionate, stay artistic, and keep blogging.

About the Author

Sophia Mann writes on paintings and art. Her interest in the visual arts developed early when she attempted to duplicate a drawing her brother had brought home as a school assignment. She has been fascinated with this medium of artistic expression ever since. She also paints in her spare time.