40 Artists Around the World Share Their Interpretations of “Rebirth”

40 Artists Around the World Share Their Interpretations of “Rebirth”

We sent out a call to our artists to send us their creative interpretations of “rebirth”. With Spring around the corner, we’re looking forward to seeing a rebirth in nature as well as a rebirth of creativity. Following our call, the following 40 artists were chosen. We hope you are inspired by their versions of rebirth.

Warning: a few pieces are NSFW

Sunny Lei (Photographer) Australia

© Sunny Lei


Dan Lish (Illustrator) England

© Dan Lish


Kyle TM (Illustrator) South Carolina, United States

© Kyle TM


Sophie Chambers (Poet) United States

For the Light

There is a girl
in front of me.

There is a tear
down her face.

We meet each other here-
across a low table,
beneath a large clock.

We are repairing
something invisible
that only she can touch.

We are deciphering
a code
we can only read together.

Every week,
another teardrop
soaks into her cheek

and I imagine
it traveling
deep into her core,

where a small tree
is growing, and thirsting
for the light.


Alessandro Michelazzi (Photographer/Videographer) Florence, Italy

© Alessandro Michelazzi


Hortense Le Calvez and Mathieu Goussin (Sculptors) France

© Hortense Le Calvez and Mathieu Goussin


Jeffrey Philip Nelson (Singer/Songwriter) Redondo Beach, CA

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Logo Oluwamuyiwa Adeyemi (Natural Light Fine Art Photographer) Nigeria

Baptism in Christian religion as practiced in West Africa © Logo Oluwamuyiwa Adeyemi


Julie Mallis (Painter & Video Artist) Pittsburgh, PA

© Julie Mallis


Chantal Van Den Broek (Photographer) Netherlands

© Chantal Van Den Broek

Annette Zer (Photographer) Germany

© Annette Zer

Laura Christensen (Mixed Media Artist) Massachusetts, United States

© Laura Christensen


Pauline Greefhorst (Photographer) Montpellier, France

© Pauline Greefhorst


Konmark (Photographer/Fine Artist) Greece

© Konmark


T J Brearton (Writer) New York, United States

Sugaring Season

I remember the first time I saw her, weeks before the dead body turned up in the melting snow of spring.

I’d first gone to a Rennie festival as sort of a joke, telling myself I was going use the experience as something to write about. It had taken a couple years to admit that I was into Renaissance nostalgia in the first place. But I had met a guy there who said he held organized field trips to other festivals around the region.

It was on the first field trip that I met E.B. She had these big brown eyes and long brown hair – not the kind you see in magazines where every strand has been manicured, but normal hair, natural hair, the kind the real Guinevere would’ve had. Wavy and flowing and sable. There’s this feeling – hey you’re not supposed to be here. And at the same time there’s the feeling that yes, you are indeed supposed to be here. Those doe-eyes she had, they looked up at me and across a field of Rennie performers. A knight and a dame about to do battle. We met eyes through crisscrossed swords.

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read more by TJ at tjbrearton.com

Danielle Mulcahy (Illustrator/Filmmaker/Multimedia Artist) United States

© Danielle Mulcahy


Jacqueline Ingle (Photographer) Australia

© Jacqueline Ingle


Nika Ostby (Photographer) Florida, United States

© Nika Ostby


Dezadie (Digital Multimedia Artist) London, England

[hdwplayer id=2]


Grégorie A. Meyer (Digital Artist) United Kingdom

© Gregorie A Meyer


Francois Pretorius (Graphic Artist/Illustrator) South Africa

© Francois Pretorius


Hannry (Illustrator) United States

© Hannry


Jakub Niedziela (Visual Artist) Poland

© Jakub Niedziela


Jonathan Aguilar (Painter) Oklahoma, United States

© Jonathan Aguilar

Gigi Engle (Writer) New York City, United States

You Get What You Think You Deserve

Lawrence and I were sitting on her couch in the west village, lamenting over the absurd fashion party we had just been to. It was at a sports club and had a cash bar. The swag bag had dressing in an aerosol can it and we were dismayed.

The conversation quickly took a turn to the subject of men as I sipped my glass of discount wine and she rifled through her movie selection.

We’ve both been on Tinder for a few weeks and have been getting rather weary. Lawrence asked me what she should do about a certain finance guy she’d met but was far too short and ten years too old. She said he seemed nice, but—there always seems to be a “but.”

I suddenly wondered: why does there need to be a “but?” Why am I agreeing to spend time with these men who are always “nice, but,” “funny, but,” “charming, but?”

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more work at CigarsandJewelry.com

Ayushi Agarwal (Photographer) India

© Ayushi Agarwal


Manasi Sose (Painter) India

© Manasi Sose


Marcie Dawn (Photographer) San Francisco, United States

© Marcie Dawn


Mike Lo (Printmaker) Ohio, United States

© Mike Lo


Heather Schmaedeke (Photographer) Chicago, United States

© Heather Schmaedeke


Michelle Zhang AKA “Karmaela” (Artist/Illustrator) Australia

© Michelle Zhang


Patricia Gapske (Photographer) United States

Bringing Spring to Life

© Patricia Gapske


Courtnee Papastathis (Artist/Photographer/Composer) Seattle, United States

© Courtnee Papastathis


Dimas Melfi (Illustrator/Photographer) Argentina

© Dimas Melfi


Peter Mammes (Artist) South Africa

© Peter Mammes


Seray Niyazi (Photographer) Australia

© Seray Niyazi


Sophie Pellegrini (Photographer) Washington D.C., United States

© Sophie Pellegrini


Beau Sperry (Poet) Salt Lake City, United States

for Chase Alexander Saxton

The reason I say I am from Colorado

Is a refusal to explain.


Why I traded my first-born’s vertebrae

for a bowl of Sego stems in famine

and tattooed the receipt above my shoulderblade—

a gift of aching: the reciprocity of exchange.

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Shane Watt (Cartographer/Artist) Montreal, Canada

© Shane Watt


Danielle Karagannis (Photographer/Filmmaker) Los Angeles, United States

Danielle Karagannis


Extra: Editor Contribution

Here’s my take – Chris, NS Editor

© Chris Collins