4 Amazing Street Artists Battle in a Live Painting Competition

We recently connected with our friends at the arts website Cultation who told us about their collaboration with ArtBattles. In their words, “Watch as four artists battle for supremacy after collaborating on a mural.”

The event took place at Bryant Park in New York City and the four artists who participated were Natalia Rak (Poland), Max Bode (NYC), Don RimX (Puerto Rico), and Chor Boogie (San Francisco). This is extraordinary to watch.

Learn more about ArtBattles at artbattles.com and everything else Cultation is doing at cultation.com. You can also see the previous event ArtBattles at The Wall posted on Cultation.

Who won? You decide…

The Final Pieces

Natalia Rak (Poland)
Max Bode
Max Bode (NYC)
Don RimX
Don RimX (Puerto Rico)
Chor Boogie
Chor Boogie (San Francisco)

If you would like to be a part of Cultation, check out their website and Facebook page.