Michaela Flatley’s Creative Space

Michaela Flatley’s Creative Space

After graduating college, where I could pop into whichever studio was open, I was worried about finding space of my own where I could create. I was moving from New York to Boston, so I knew my access to the art world would inevitably be limited, so I decided I needed to find a studio of my own where I could focus, produce, and be stimulated. Luckily, the studio I found was in a building of over one hundred artists with a strong community, and it was only about a mile from where I was living. Having a 9-5 job, I was thrilled with the convenience of the location because after work I could easily go over to my studio. This space has been an escape, an inspiration, and a special oasis where I can be alone. I am rarely by myself, so the solitude I find in my studio is particularly valuable to me. Being alone (with the exception of my dog) helps me find the roots of my creativity and be fearless with my work. Furthermore, I would not be able to create my pieces on the appropriate scale without this space. Without my studio, I fear that the art in my life would fall away, behind the stress of my day job and the excitement of my early twenties. With this space, I stay grounded and connected to the side of myself in which I feel most passionate, the artist.

Featured Work

Tug of War
Acrylic on canvas
24’’ x 30’’
July 2013

Acrylic on panel
40’’ x 24’’
June 2013

Acrylic on panel
80’’ x 30’’
April 2013

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