Jim Vargas’ Creative Space

Jim Vargas’ Creative Space

For my photo submission I decided not to show my creative space all clean and organized, like it is from time to time. No, I wanted to show it real and raw as it is when I am in a true creative drive. My creative space is located in an isolated corner of my basement. Yes it’s dark, dank and, in the winter, quite frigid. Once in a while as I am in a creative trance, a lone spider may slowly web crawl downward from the ceiling and get in between my face and the computer monitor. It’s a sobering jolt that gets the blood flowing for sure.

From this space I drive my true creative vibrations outward. It is here that I write, sketch, illustrate and color or paint my works. When I am not working on projects, I am reading or watching videos that aid in art improvement and business management. This is also the place where I handle all my clerical business such as invoicing and shipping my comic books and merchandise. So it is in essence my all in one creative studio, classroom, and business hub.

It is exactly what I want. I am the type of artist that thrives creatively when isolated from all the possible distractions of the outside world. That is not to say I do not enjoy being outside running, exploring the world like a child, and just breathing in all that life has to offer. Just when the time comes to really create and handle business I love my little creative corner.

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My name is Jim Vargas I am a freelance illustrator from Chicago, with a Bachelors of Fine Art from the American Academy of Art. I have done most of his work in the field of comic books. I am also the creator of the self published comic book Faithless. I can be found in the artist alleys at several different comic book conventions throughout the year.

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