“An Instagram Generation” – A Beautiful Short Film by Ravi Vora About an Instagram Meetup in Santa Monica, California

“An Instagram Generation” – A Beautiful Short Film by Ravi Vora About an Instagram Meetup in Santa Monica, California

Ravi Vora Instagram GenerationWe were thrilled to hear from Ravi Vora a couple of weeks ago about a new project called “An Instagram Generation.” Ravi recently joined a group of Instagram users gathering together and meeting after getting to know each other through their snapshots on Instagram.

Many people say that social media (and the Internet in general) take away from the relationships that we can create together. However, this film by Ravi will hopefully show you that the possibilities for friendships through social networking are very real and very beautiful. Apps like Instagram enable us to share our creativity and influence to real people all around the world. We think that after watching this film you will be moved and appreciate the connections you make online much more. Thank you for sharing this with us, Ravi.

Words from Ravi Vora

It’s a funny time we live in. Instead of calling each other, we text. Instead of asking what our friends are up to, we check Twitter. Instead of grabbing coffee, we Facebook message. While technology interfaces for us, and our virtual lives overtake our analog existence, the ironically titled social media encourages isolation over real interpersonal communication. One social media outlet seems to contradict this notion, however.

On April 13, 2013, with a few posts and word of mouth, over 115 people came to take photos and meet each other in Santa Monica, California. This wasn’t a professional networking event, or a meeting of any sort of exclusivity, this was just a bunch of friendly people who love to take photos. An instameet. People came, walked around together at the beach, brought props, took photos, and made real connections. The event was organized by Christian Florin and Project Life 365, with help from Alexander Pavone and Matt Gee. Sponsors like Olloclip, Joby, and Pic Tap Go gave away prizes to attendees, but overall, everyone was there to have fun meeting like-minded creative people.

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