Freelance Beatdown: A Live Comedy Pilot by Jordan Morris with Illustrations by Christopher Hastings of Dr. McNinja

Freelance Beatdown: A Live Comedy Pilot by Jordan Morris with Illustrations by Christopher Hastings of Dr. McNinja

Jordan Morris has created something really outstanding here. He’s found a new (and creative) way of setting himself apart from the crowd of young writers trying to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. Although Jordan is a successful comedian, actor, host, and podcaster he realized that he might not get anywhere by handing out a scripts. The industry is changing. Shows like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” have raised the bar by coming to Hollywood big-wigs with a finished product. Now producers are hesitant to invest in anything they can’t already see. So what does that mean? Do writers have to somehow raise thousands of dollars and produce a full pilot presentation and hope it gets picked up? It’s hard.

“To introduce this show to the Hollywood check-signers I’d like to do something special. These days, a script without a filmed component is more likely than not to just sit in an executive’s drawer.”

His idea is truly unique and phenomenal. He crowd funded this project, gathered some of the best comedy talent in the business to do a live reading, and spliced the performance with illustrations by the famous webcomic artist, Christopher Hastings (of Dr. McNinja). The result is awesome. This pilot is fun, funny, and definitely leaves you wanting more. Let’s help support Jordan’s idea and force Hollywood to listen. He deserves it.

The Story:

As a boy, the main character, Lee Baron attended a secret government boarding school that trains black ops-ready assassins, but he dropped out so he could concentrate on starting a band and smoking weed. We find Lee a 30-year-old burnout, doing just enough work to pay his rent and enjoying a care-free man child’s lifestyle. In order to raise enough money to keep his band going, he accepts an offer to do freelance secret agent work. He must dredge up his latent super-hero skills and decide whether to make something of himself or continue his life of delectable idleness.

About Jordan Morris

Jordan is a comedy writer, stand up comedian, sketch performer, podcaster, actor, and television host. He is perhaps most known for co-hosting the freewheeling comedy podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go! on alongside public radio host and all-star interviewer Jesse Thorn. He also co-hosted Fuel TV‘s “The Daily Habit” for many years doing comic interviews and comedy bits. More recently, he has been writing and acting in various web series across the Internet. Currently you can see Morris performing as Terry in the START (IGN) web series “Game Shop.”

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