[nonsense radio #1] – electronic // indie // synthpop // hip hop // downtempo // ambient…

[nonsense radio #1] – electronic // indie // synthpop // hip hop // downtempo // ambient…

This is the first in a new series where we at the Nonsense Society expose amazing musicians/bands/composers/producers who are transforming the music industry. Some of the music is brand new, some is older, but it should all inspire you. If you are a musician who would like to be considered, please start participating here and you might see your music posted in places! If you’d like to hear all of the tracks we’re collecting in one place, please visit the static Nonsense Radio page. Enjoy the music.

Elliphant – Down on Life

Stockholm native Ellinor Olovsdotter evolved into Elliphant while in the UK one Summer. This track is impossibly fun and beautifully composed. You’ll love it.

Evil Needle – Falling Leaves

This German-born (France-residing) producer/electronic composer has created something truly special here. Falling Leaves will leave you blissfully bobbing your head. It just may transform your mood and potentially your entire day.

Cults – Bad Things (Alex Young Remix)

Alex Young made this remix of the Cults track Bad Things. We love it. It’s exhilarating to listen to and definitely improves on the original (in our opinion). Props to Alex for making something great.

Hot Hot Hawk – Atlanta Skyline

With a classic feel, Hot Hot Hawk has us riveted to this spectacular synthpop track. We dare you not to enjoy it.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop Ft. Wanz

[profanity warning] A little hip hop here by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. This is outstanding. A jam about thrifting. This will now be your theme song when you are looking for a new cardigan at your local thrift shop. Enjoy!

Icona Pop – I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)

How excellent is this? The blaring vocals are infectious. You’ll feel sick with inspiration after listening to it. Too much fun, Icona Pop.

Chrome Sparks – Remix of “Blackbird Blackbird – Hawaii”

This remix of Blackbird Blackbird‘s tune is incredible. Chrome Sparks (aka – Jeremy Malvin) is an instant new favorite. His sound is slick.

Daughter – Medicine

This ambient folk track is gorgeous. This one will definitely take you down from the high of some of these other tracks. The dark piano is more than enough to give shivers. Thanks to Daughter (UK) for this.

Gacha – Burning

If this beatstrumental track by Gacha is any indication of what burning feels like, set us on fire. Listen to this and begin floating. It’s a delicate ride and a great sound.

Sea Camp – Patterns In Y

This is another ambient track from an artist called Sea Camp (aka – Chelsey Bomar). It’s difficult to say anything about this. It’s powerful, but subtle. Also mysterious. It’s something.

The Townhouses ft. Rainbow Chan – Schoenberg

A very new sound here, and not to be ignored. It’s slightly ambient, downtempo, and has some serious drive toward the end. We’re loving this and so should you. Thanks to Melbourne’s The Townhouses (Leigh Hannah) for this.

CFCF – Exercise #1 (Entry)

This is magical. Soft but strong, the piano pulls us in. It’s a very powerful (but simple) thing that CFCF has created here.

Valotihkuu – Forgotten Trees

It’s like a magical field recording. The sounds of nature perfectly blend into this ethereal masterpiece. We love it. Bottom line, don’t forget the trees. Thank you Valotihkuu.

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