Awesome Holiday Creativity

Awesome Holiday Creativity

Andrei Robu

Lettering and brand designer from Romania

Robb Mommaerts

A fantastical American illustrator

Natalia Tyulkina

Russian watercolor pattern artist

Therese Larsson

A Swedish digital painter

Danielle Tunstall

A horror photographer / graphic designer from the UK

Marilyn Cole

A digital illustrator from the United States

Alexandra Fomicheva

A graphic designer from the United States

Gary Tonge

Digital artist from the UK

Poppy & Red

A design, print, and illustration team from Ireland

Sergey Yazvinsky

A stop-motion animator from Russia

Winter Tale (stop-motion animation) from Sergey Yazvinsky on Vimeo.

Treat Studios

An animation collective out of London

Reindeer from Treat Studios on Vimeo.

Stephen Fitzgerald

An American designer / director – Music (Christmas is Free) by Grant Harold

Christmas Card to Friends from Stephen Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

Chilly Gonzales

A pianist / composer from Germany

Vlad Solovjov

A Lithuanian producer and DJ