Artist Achieving Her Dreams – Emily Tebbetts (Celebrity Photographer)

Artist Achieving Her Dreams – Emily Tebbetts (Celebrity Photographer)

If you’ve been following the Nonsense Society for some time you’ll likely know the name Emily Tebbetts. She’s one of the most talented young photographers in the world, and an inspiration for many artists. It seems like only yesterday that Emily emailed us saying, “Hi! My name is Emily Tebbetts. Im a just-turned-18 year old photographer interested mainly in fashion and portraiture. I haven’t quite found out who I am yet, but every time I take a picture it’s as though I’m uncovering another piece of my soul.” That was in 2009. She’s come a long way since then and given a lot to her community.

After we met Emily in 2009, she’s been invited to study photography in Paris with some of the greats, curated work, interviewed artists, and changed the world by raising thousands of dollars to help fight breast cancer in honor of her mother. She’s an amazing person who only seems to inspire us more and more. As of this year, Emily can add “Celebrity Photographer” to her list of achievements. Above is a short video from Sony showcasing her photo session with Taylor Swift.

On behalf of all of the artists in the Nonsense Society, we want to share this video and say that this opportunity couldn’t have come to a better person. We support all your artistic endeavors, Emily, and look forward to sitting back and enjoying your success in the years to come. Thank you for adding so much to the artistic landscape. Really. Thank you.

Shots from Emily’s Portfolio:

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