The Piece That Changed My Life: Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo (Filmmaker, Spain)

The Piece That Changed My Life: Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo (Filmmaker, Spain)

The name of my own audiovisual producer and personal website is “Mr. Challenge Films” as a proof of my stance towards life and every project that I face. After two and a half years of intense work in the audiovisual field, every project I’ve carried out has been a real challenge. When people told me “that’s impossible”, I took the challenge and carried out the project proving myself that I can achieve anything if believing in myself and working hard.

The Piece That Changed Everything

First of all, this piece is totally unique and innovative. It wasn’t just a great challenge but a risky bet as well. I developed this huge project all by myself in an incredibly short amount of time, it was a big success and it definitely made me believe in myself as audiovisual artist.

A promising Spanish pop-rock band had a concert on the 23rd of December in an Auditorium as release for their new album. They contacted me and said: “Please Miguel, we want you to do something big and different, whatever you want”. I had what every artist dreams about: complete freedom to develop my creativity, and what’s more, a theater full of people to enjoy the show that I was about to create.

When they told me, there was less than 3 months left for the show and I had to create a whole project all by my own, there was no time to waste. I listened to the album day and night, visited the theater where the show was going to take part and finally I came with the idea.

After 2 months of taught work with 14 days of filming, on Friday 23rd December 2011 was the official screening of the movie in the Rafael Alberti Auditorium of Huércal-Overa. A total 48 videos were shot in live on a big screen behind the band together with a big fog and lighting display. The screenings were supporting the meaning of each song, and all together building a whole story. It exposes the deep core of the music success pursuit, with its temptations, trips, delusions and dreams that keep the hope and music going on no matter what, overcoming whoever or whatever that gets in its way.

All my friends and relatives always have had a huge faith on me. “You’ll make something big”, “You have a huge talent”, “You can achieve anything you want”, etc. they use to tell me. All that always meant inspiration and strength for me, but I have always really believed in myself and worked very hard. I never stop, I have million projects and ideas, but before these projects, although I had made some good works, I haven’t made anything really “big”. When the chance came, I had too little time, it was “impossible” to carry out, but I couldn’t miss this chance. And I didn’t.

Not only this piece made me earn recognition and prestige, but mostly it made me feel confident about myself and my skills. It was a push for my dreams.

It has arisen the faith of my people on me, that keep supporting me and bringing me up at any moment. At this moment I’m not afraid of anything and I’m working hard on carrying out many international projects with national televisions and very strong producers involved. So far, they are just projects, but I’m working hard on them and I do believe I can carry them out.

It’s important to make clear that “people” and “art” are two really wide terms. Every artist has a different approach to performance his art. There are some that make their own and try to make people adapt themselves to it, understand it, learn from it. In my case, I try to learn from everybody and listen the world around, with the purpose of developing art that can work in human beings’ feelings.

My experience tells me that people enjoy when they can understand a big part of what they are seeing, therefore they feel good (that’s a task of the artist, making them learn while the show goes on). But they also need another bit of mystery, something ahead them that they can’t fully understand. In this way they’ll keep thinking and talking about it. Furthermore, nowadays’ world is becoming more fast and frenetic, and it also applied for the art. Theater and movies in the 50’s and 60’s were slow, paying attention to details, extolling thesilent as form of expression. However, now people can hardly stand seated in the chair or in front of the screen, they need action, things going on all the time, especially since the beginning, which is become one of the most important part of the works. People prejudge and make a first impression right away, which is really hard to change later on.

Artists looking to grow can’t be afraid of showing what they have inside, whatever it is. The most important for an artist is feeling free, releasing creativity and letting it grow, evolve. Sometimes it may fail as a project, but it’s working as a tool for professional and artistic development.

Also, I’d advise artists to not get obsessed with doing anything new, which is become a trend. There is no need to force, it’s not necessary make something different, but do something good, whatever you feel like you believe in.

For more of Miguel’s work, visit his website.

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