Seeking Submissions: The Piece that Changed Your Life

The Nonsense Society is seeking submissions from artists, photographers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, dancers, and creatives for a new contest/project. We’d like to hear about the piece that changed everything for you, artistically. It should be a piece that you created. Perhaps it was the piece that defined your personal style. Maybe you started something unique that just felt right. Perhaps it was the piece that you never thought would be popular, but it was greeted with overwhelming support and changed your career. Maybe it was the first piece that you truly felt confident about. Whatever it may be, we want to hear from you. What piece signifies a huge transition in your artistic career?


What we need from you:

  • A high quality version of the piece that changed your life (art, photography, film, music, writing, dance, etc!)
  • Your name & websites we can find other works
  • A thoughtful statement about artistic growth (spoken on video or written)
    • Why was this piece influential?
    • Why were you struggling previously?
    • How has your work changed since?
    • How have you changed as an artist?
    • What have you learned about what people like when enjoying art?
    • What do you suggest other artists do to grow in the ways you have found helpful?

What will get your work published as part of this project: We’re looking for THOUGHTFUL insights and genuine submissions. We want to be inspired by your story and motivated to grow and learn from you. INSPIRE US. We’re looking for personality. It should also be fun!

How do I submit? Send the above items to

Looking forward to hearing from you. Hopefully we’ll get a lot of submissions!