Need Instant Inspiration? Try These Art Sites

Need Instant Inspiration? Try These Art Sites

These are some of my favorite inspiration sites. I know that I can go to any of these and immediately start to feel inspired. It’s something I usually do when I want to start a new project or need a new idea. The best ideas form from ones that already exist, so start here.


Abduzeedo is an old favorite of mine. It’s a design blog started by Fabio Sasso. They have daily inspiration compilations, tutorials, articles, compilations, and freebies for designers/artists. It’s a wonderful website FULL with inspiration. Check it out.

5 of my favorite features/posts from Abduzeedo:

  1. The Daily Inspiration Series
  2. RAWZ – Community Inspiration
  3. Logo Inspiration Series
  4. Amazing Illustrations Inspired by Movies by Massimo Carnevale
  5. Black & White Streets of the World

Ben Trovato Blog

Ben Trovato is an absolutely beautiful blog about fashion photography. It’s curated to awe you every time you visit. All of the photographers are out of this world and inspiring. If you’re a photographer or get inspired by photography, you need to know this blog.

5 of my favorite posts:

  1. She Needs Somebody To Hold by Facundo Garay
  2. Alter Ego by Simon Ruschmeyer
  3. Last Day by Rian Flynn
  4. Runway Model For A Day
  5. Hold Your Breath by Nahoko Spiess and Maxime Gé


FFFFOUND! is an image bookmarking site, but only curated by a chosen number of people. It’s filled with all kinds of styles, but is always inspiring. You can definitely find something wonderful no on FFFFOUND! no matter what you’re into. It’s a go-to for artistic inspiration.

5 of my favorite curators:

  1. Eric Neely
  2. colourblind
  3. Austin Breed
  4. methman
  5. khol

But Does It Float

But Does It Float is definitely a favorite. The site features art and independent artists that are always unique and extremely talented. The works are other-worldly. I’m always amazed by how almost every post inspires me on this site. The craft that goes into it is outstanding! I have a lot of respect for the three curators who run the site. Check it out.

5 of my favorite posts:

  1. The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy
  2. An Arcane Subject
  3. This actual world of what is knowable, in which we are and which is in us, remains both the material and the limit of our consideration
  4. Echo of the Word
  5. On the aesthetics of destruction