Geeky Doodles and Jokes from Nonsense Thoughts

Geeky Doodles and Jokes from Nonsense Thoughts

If you haven’t visited my other site “Nonsense Thoughts,” it’s a site filled with creative doodles and thoughts on a notepad. The intention is to make people laugh, think and feel things. I try to focus on the content that makes it funny or thought-provoking or whatever rather than spend a ton of time filling in the lines. It’s simple and fun. Nonsense Thoughts started on Nonsense Society and really did well, so now it’s got its own website. Last week was “geek week” and people really really enjoyed it. Here are some of the geeky Nonsense Thoughts from the series. I hope you like them!

“Geek Week”

Darth Vader’s Favorite Helmet Wax

Sauron’s Failed Early Business Attempt (a heartbreaking origin story)

Separation Anxiety

I WILL Become a Superhero

George R.R. Martin’s Checklist for Success in the Nerd Community

Other Geeky Nonsense Thoughts

All she does is NAG.

Very Sensitive

Can you spot the error??

In this order please.

Not a good time to ask your wife to come downstairs.


Trust me, I know what I’m doing.

The humans have no regard for the life of others. Especially the icky. Even icky families and children.

Don’t lose sight of what really matters!

Grandpa didn’t like the Twilight books.


Do you even have to ask?

Have you seen him lately?! That’s a good-lookin’ hutt.

Not again!

I just want it to blast its ink sac all over me!

Don’t let the cat out.

We guarantee results!

Modern-day bad guys.

Older ones:

How we’ve grown.

Kirby’s Awakeland


Han Solo’s to do list (fan favorite!)

The most confident man in the world.

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