Dana Little – Heartfelt Piano Pop

Dana Little – Heartfelt Piano Pop

“I tend to write about things that I don’t even realize get to me until I start writing about them. It’s the simple details of life (hope, disappointment, perseverance, heartbreak, loss, love, relationships, endings and beginnings) that I write about. I’m inspired by life in death in every sense of those words. I’m inspired by people who have hope and people who give up on hope. I’m inspired to write when – oddly enough – words don’t seem to do justice to a situation. When simple sentiments seem to fall flat, I write songs instead. I can’t help myself.”

Dana’s Latest Album, “Patterns”

Dana is that kind of rare talent that you wish you could immediately tell the world about. Her music is charming, delightful, and filled with emotion. In her latest album she sings, plays piano, rhodes, mellotron, glockenspiel & accordion. Currently she’s living the life of a starving-artist, working at a job in the Seattle area and wishing she could play her music all the time. Let’s help spread her music and make her dream a reality.

“Right now, my dreams are in waiting while I focus on other parts of life that pay me. =) But music is my favorite part of life, and I just moved to the Seattle area (back to where I’m from) to be nearer to the city and my family after being away for y-e-a-r-s. Soon enough, my hope is to get back into playing live shows. In the meantime, I’ve moved twice over the past 3 months, am switching my career focus, and am writing a bunch of new songs…”

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Secret Loves: Volvos, ferris wheels (though I’m never a fan of heights) – we have a new one in Seattle, carnival colors (hence the cover of my album), the Fender Rhodes, gumball machines, my nephews and nieces, and bakers’ dozensssss more…

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