Self Promotion Resource – 70 great blogs to submit your art to.

Self Promotion Resource – 70 great blogs to submit your art to.

Here’s a roundup of creative blogs that feature work from artists like you. Some of them clearly accept submissions and others require a bit more action on your part. I thought I’d share this collection of links with the Nonsense Society, so you can do a little self promotion. Whether you’re an illustrator, photographer, designer, filmmaker, or multimedia artist there’s something here for you. I’d also like to support these great blogs in the creative community. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: Please do not spam these blogs with your submissions if you do not care about what they are doing. If you’d like to submit, respect the community these publishers are trying to make by getting to know their site and getting involved. This will also greatly increase your chances of making a meaningful relationship and being accepted in the first place. As a blog that accepts submissions, it is very obvious when someone sends off dozens of submissions to blogs they’ve never even visited before. Don’t be that person. This list is not meant to encourage that. This list is meant to spread the word about the great art sites that exist on the Internet that are looking for you to get involved. Don’t be a spammer. Be a passionate, responsible, and respectful artist.

If you represent a site on this list and would like to be removed, simply let us know.

  1. Eat Sleep Draw – EatSleepDraw is an online art gallery where we post 100% original content submitted by contributors across the globe. [submit online]
  2. Tumblr Open Arts – This is where you can find all the new discoveries, happenings and best of in the Tumblr art world. Curated by Annie. [submit online]
  3. WinterHouse International – Artists from all around the world share their work and experiences… [submit via email]
  4. Curating the Unseen – Featuring unknown and emerging photographers [email them]
  5. Art Photo Index – A global search engine for vetted art and documentary photographers and their work. [request an invite]
  6. Summer Fridays For Art! – Tumblr is partnering with BLOUIN ARTINFO to co-publish your original “Summer Friday” themed art. [submit online]
  7. SÝN Magazine – An independent quarterly online magazine that represents the fresh and creative of the new generation. [submit via email]
  8. BOOOOOOOM! –  A community of people excited to go out and be creative! [submit via facebook]
  9. Ben Trovato Blog – The best fashion photography blog. [submit online]
  10. deviantART Tubmlr – The official tumblr of deviantART. [submit online]
  11. Designers of Tumblr – Community of designers, illustrators and crafters who get together to share and be creative.  [submit online]
  12. The Youth – An art gallery. No photography… [submit online]
  13. Fuck Yeah Illustrative Art – An illustration tumblr gallery. [submit online]
  14. Fuck Yeah Illustration! – A blog for those who appreciate art, want to discover new artists, want to be discovered, or if you just like beautiful things… [submit online]
  15. Artist Directory – This is a directory of artists on tumblr for those who have trouble finding art blogs, want to be introduced to new artists, or artists that want to be listed. [submit online]
  16. Tumblr Photography – A photography inspiration gallery. [submit online]
  17. Flash Flash Flash – A photography blog. [submit online]
  18. Supersonic Electronic – An Art Tumblr that seeks to chronicle the rise of the Electronic School of contemporary art. [contact via email]
  19. B&W – Black and white ink drawings… [submit online]
  20. Fuck Yeah Girly Art – An art gallery featuring women. [submit online]
  21. We Like To Draw – This blog is intended for people that love art and love to share art. You are welcome to submit as well. [submit online]
  22. i can read – Art featuring some aspect of the written word. [submit online]
  23. The Only Magic Left is Art – The most talented people in the world are not in Hollywood. [submit online]
  24. Artpixie – Gallery of art, illustration, photography, etc. [submit online]
  25. Check It – A collection of high quality videos and photos (and any other type of art) from around the web. Geared towards those who are continuing to do new things with art. [submit online]
  26. Heartwork – Art, design & fashion. [submit online]
  27. I Heart My Art – iheartmyart is a repository for art, music and other items of interest which has been collected from around the internet. [submit via email]
  28. puzzleoverit – art collection [submit online]
  29. Remember Paper – art & photo magazine [submit via email]
  30. Nonsense Society Tumblr – Our very own inspiration gallery! [submit online]
  31. Just Art – Awesome artsy tumblr gallery. [submit online]
  32. Artist Collective – This blog is for any Tumblr user who happens to be an artist and wants to share their artwork with the rest of the internet. [submit online]
  33. This is Why I’m Yelling – Art and other stuff. [submit online]
  34. The Flaneur – Art blog, culture reviews & travel articles. [contributor log-in]
  35. Curioos – The digital art factory… [request an invite]
  36. Drawn – Daily source of inspiration for illustration, animation, cartooning, and comic art. [make a suggestion]
  37. Doodlers Anonymous – The need to draw, sketch, and doodle is constant. [register online]
  38. Wooster Collective – This site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world. [submit via email]
  39. Illustration Friday – A weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators & artists of all skill levels. [submit online]
  40. Art Threat – Political art & culture. [submit via email or mail]
  41. Lines & Colors – Lines and Colors is a blog about drawing, sketching, painting, comics, cartoons, webcomics, illustration, digital art, concept art, gallery art, artist tools and techniques, motion graphics, animation, sci-fi and fantasy illustration, paleo art, storyboards, matte painting, 3d graphics and anything else I find visually interesting. [suggest your work]
  42. Art Observed – Global contemporary art observed from New York City. [suggest your work via email]
  43. EBSQ, Self Representing Artists – EBSQ is a creative community of artists, artisans, and photographers. [add your work]
  44. Daily Art Fixx – A way to immerse myself in art – for education and inspiration. [submit via email]
  45. Culturepush – Culturepush tracks cool stuff in art, culture and design in Singapore. [submit your link]
  46. JazJaz –  Send in your artworks, photographs, videos, and guest articles. You can also add your photographs and artwork to my Flickr Group, or use the submit page on my Tumblr. [submit via email]
  47. ART BLOG – Inspirational art gallery. [submit online]
  48. CreativeFluff Magazine – An online magazine dedicated to providing you the best in art, culture, design, film & philosophy about all things creative. [submit via email]
  49. UNEWZ – Submit your creative links and news. [submit online]
  50. RAWZ – Submit your work to the Abduzeedo tumblr with a chance to be featured on the front page as well! [submit online]
  51. CG Society – Computer graphics society… [create & share your portfolio]
  52. Saatchi Online – Discover art. Get discovered. [submit online and sell prints]
  53. Society6 – The artwork on Society6 is created by thousands of artists from around the world. When you buy a product from Society6, we produce it using only the highest quality materials, and ship it to you on behalf of the artist. [sign up, post & sell]
  54. Designzzz – Design and art inspiration blog. [ask to post]
  55. Squidoo – Tell your story. [get started]
  56. Artists Inspire Artists – Create. Share. Inspire. [submit on facebook page]
  57. 123 Inspiration – Creative inspiration in design, art, graphic design, photography, illustration, architecture, fashion, product design, and motion design. [submit online via wordpress]
  58. Beautiful Decay – A printed book series and daily art blog with a focus on experimental, grotesque, and groundbreaking art. [submit via email]
  59. Xaxor – Showcasing the best images online. [submit via email]
  60. Colossal – Art & design [submit via email]
  61. DesignBoom – Independent publication for design, architecture, art, photography and graphics. [submit via email]
  62. HyperAllergic Labs – The world’s greatest New York art blogazine. [submit online]
  63. Visual News – The cure for eyeball boredom. [submit via email]
  64. My Modern Metropolis –  Beautiful photography, incredible art and clever design. That pretty much sums it up. [sign up and post your art]
  65. Daily Inspiration – Lots and lots of inspirational images. [submit link to portfolio]
  66. Web Design Mash – Web design inspiration.  [send in your ideas]
  67. Nenuno Creativity – Illustrations, photos and design.  [send in your ideas]
  68. Inspire First – Sharing the inspiration! [create an account and share posts]
  69. Lava 360 – Design & art inspiration. [submit online]
  70. KARIN + RAOUL –  Art & Lifestyle for Entrepreneurs [submit via email]