NS: Reimagined

NS: Reimagined

Welcome to the new, darker, and more amazing Nonsense Society experience. Over the years we’ve gotten a few facelifts and tried a bunch of new initiatives. That’s what happens when you start something new. You have to explore and experiments. Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot and decided on a ton of new features and qualities that I think you’ll love. Here’s what’s new.


Don’t get me wrong, I loved the top hat logo that we had before. It was creative and whispered a mystery that I think the Nonsense Society represents. However, the gold/yellow scheme kind of clashed with the rest of the NS vibe. I also realized that the brand is the name, Nonsense Society. It’s what everyone remembers. That’s why I decided to redesign the site to be darker and to emphasize the name, Nonsense Society. I think it’s extremely simple, bold and effective. What do you think?

Top Slider

The Nonsense Society now has a large, visually-striking slider that shows recent featured posts. It looks pretty sharp and really shows off the quality of artist features immediately. It’s also much easier to implement than the many varied banner sizes in the last NS theme. I hope that means that more editors will join the team and we can post awesome content more often without getting tied down with formatting that most people don’t particularly care for. That brings up the fact that if you’d like to write for NS, just email me.


We’ve drastically changed the ad experience on Nonsense Society. Before, we had a TON of ad spots that never really filled up. Most of our audience consists of artsy creative types who aren’t looking to spend a hell of a lot on advertising. Not only was the old system an eye-sore, it took away space that could be used to show YOUR art. Now we have less ads and better ads. Hopefully we’ll get some more artists to submit ads for their prints or stores. Just let me know your budget requirements and we’ll figure something out!

Tumblr Integration

Speaking of more space for your art, we now have a sidebar that displays our members art all over the site! It’s free publicity that rocks! You’ll notice that there are many small sections of art in the sidebar. It also updates in real-time, so you can submit your work immediately and have it show up on the site. One of the ways to do this is via our community gallery on Tumblr.

Submit to Tumblr

Flickr Integration

One of our most popular features in the past has been the Flickr Pool! No worries, it is here to stay! If you have a flickr account for your art or photography, add your photos to our Flickr Pool and they will show up on nonsensesociety.com immediately! Isn’t that awesome?

Submit to Flickr

Share Your Inspirations

This is fun. We now have a way for Nonsense Society members to share their inspirations with our community. You can see some work on the sidebar already. It’s run through a group Pinterest board, so all I have to do is invite you to the board. If you already have a Pinterest account, just send me your username and I can add you to the board. I can’t wait to see what you all can find and share.

Share Your Inspirations

Nonsense Radio

Music is often the greatest of inspirations. We try to ask what music inspires our members whenever possible. Therefore we have a growing library of tracks that you can listen to. Chances are, your favorite NS artist was listening to one of these songs when they made your favorite piece.

Share Your Favorite Tracks

Nonsense Jobs

I’m so excited about this! I used to request that employers email me for opportunities for you guys, but now I’ve added a constantly updating  job board in the sidebar. You can check in at any time to check for new creative (usually freelancing) opportunities. People are always looking for designers, illustrators, writers, photographers and more. Check it out on the sidebar!

Featured Work Section

If you scroll down far enough, you’ll see a small library of featured posts and articles. These guys have proved to be successful and unique on NS, so they deserve to be highlighted. I’m planning on updating this in the future, so hopefully more of you can get up there. I’ve already noticed through analytics that this section is keeping visitors longer and driving them to the artists that really shine. Hopefully it keeps going that way.

Send me your suggestions!

What’s so great about this new situation is that I have decided to be very flexible. Why would I run a creative community if I can’t be creative about it? That’s why I want all of you to send me your thoughts (if you have them (or any)) about the Nonsense Society and, in particular, these new features. I want to get more people involved and I want to have more fun with it. Maybe we should be tapping some unknown avenue that I have never heard of! What do you love about the NS? What do you hate? What do you wish we could do? What excites you?

I can’t wait to hear. Thanks for reading guys!