Self Portrait Contest – WINNERS – Spring 2011

Self Portrait Contest – WINNERS – Spring 2011

The Nonsense Society Has Spoken!

After tallying hundreds of votes, the results are in. Here are the top ten self-portraits in our Spring 2011 Self Portrait contest. Voting was left entirely to the public. It was a close race! If you aren’t on this list it doesn’t mean you didn’t do well. We are happy to say that everyone who entered got votes from across the globe and overwhelming support. We are proud of you all. Congratulations to the winners, and your gifts are on your way.

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1st Place: Julia Wang

With votes from dozens of countries, Julia Wang took the lead. Why? Well, her self portrait is creative and expressive. The double exposure between her face and the city scene leaves viewers wondering about what she is trying to say. The colors are vibrant and her expression is full of emotion. All of Julia’s votes came from  honest voters. In fact, we didn’t see Julia promoting her entry in the contest at all. A silent inspiration.

Julia tries to be different from other photographers by avoiding the drive to simply take “pretty pictures of pretty girls” that often exists in the fashion photography world. Her take is more artistic and passionate. Julia is currently a student and one day dreams of traveling the world with her camera. The Nonsense Society expects to be inspired by Julia for years and years to come. Congratulations Julia.

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2nd Place: Mara Brioni

The silver medal goes to Mara Brioni. This Italian photographer/artist is by far one of the most creative minds out there. All of her work incorporates insane imagery. It’s difficult to wrap one’s head around what Mara is all about. I guess that’s what makes her self portrait so tantalizing. What is she saying? Who is she? Take a look at some of her other work. You may not be able to look away. Congratulations, Mara. We love your creativity.

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3rd Place: Mario Sánchez Nevado

Spain’s Mario Sánchez Nevado gets the bronze medal. He is an incredibly talented illustrator with more vision than he knows what to do with. His work will awe and inspire you. This particular self portrait is filled with dark emotion and mystery. However, much of Mario’s work is vibrant with color and feeling. He makes it difficult to look away. Congratulations, Mario.

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Runner Up: Lara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul is a wonderful young photographer from Lebanon. Voters loved this self portrait because of it’s tone & composition. Instead of showing her face, she is showing a dreamy aspect of herself that is obviously important to her. Why? We can’t say for sure. However, we do know that she is watering a sea of endless water. Perhaps she feels that way in her own life… Perhaps not. Be sure to check in with Lara’s new work as it is always very moving.

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Runner Up: Megan Breukelman

Megan Breukelman‘s stunning self portrait got many many votes and absolutely deserves the attention. One can’t argue that it’s unconventional as far as self-portraits go. The awkward pose, eyes closed, hair everywhere, backlit, fire-y tones. It’s outstanding. At such a young age (currently 17?), Megan is a rising star in photography.

Little known fact: After NS featured Megan Breukelman in 2009 we have been receiving hundreds of submissions from young photographers around the world trying to follow in her footsteps. You are literally an inspiration, Megan.

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Runner Up: Danielle Tunstall

It’s great to see a self-portrait by the amazing Danielle Tunstall. One might wonder how she perceives herself after seeing how she perceives the rest of the world. To quote our original review of Danielle’s amazing work, “I am terrified of this woman. Her photography keeps me up at night, but I can’t stop looking at it. There is something about Danielle Tunstall’s sadistic mind that will never cease to inspire and excite me. Every shot is like a glimpse of a story only she sees in her mind. Continue on to get a taste of what I’m talking about.” Great work, Danielle.

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Runner Up: Richard Brandon Yates

Richard Brandon Yates is a young photographer & student from Texas, USA. His photography has a unique, crisp feel. This portrait is dark and emotive. The only thing he said while submitting to this contest was, “This portrait is very minimal, but holds a lot of pain and meaning to me.” Congratulations on all the votes, Richard.

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Runner Up: Anne Lorraine Uy

Anne Lorraine Uy is a creative photographer from the Philippines. All of her work seems to be crawling out of a magnificent story. In this portrait she portrays herself as a doll-like character. It’s interesting how she has left most of the composition white while, most of her other photos are saturated in color. A wonderful portrait. Congratulations, Anne.

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Runner Up: Eleanor Bennett

Eleanor Bennett is an award-winning 15 year-old photographer from England. At first glance this almost seems like a candid photo, but Eleanor put particular effort into capturing a spectacular moment in her home-town of Manchester behind her. She is also running (perhaps?) and partially translucent. What she is trying to say about herself here is elusive to viewers. Please take a look at how different her other works are, and then come back to this self-portrait.

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Runner Up: Allison Litera

Allison Litera is a multi-faceted artist/illustrator/student from the United States. Besides the obvious skill evident in this self-portrait, Allison has created a quirky & brilliant moment. It’s hard to look at the piece and NOT smile. It’s delightfully expressive. This is Allison’s first encounter with the Nonsense Society. Luckily it came with many votes from around the world! Congratulations, Allison.

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