Living in this realm wasn’t enough for Katriena Emmanuel, so she created her own.

Music that inspires Katriena.

Katriena’s Story

I took up photography to find a need in my life.  The year of 2008 I was searching for something or some meaning or purpose to my life, almost to the point of feeling depressed about my office job (law firm), feeling stiffled in a field that is not creative at all.  At first I thought about doing a course in graphic art, because I’ve always loved to draw and paint but I couldn’t really afford to quit my job that pays the bills and pay for tuition.  I knew I wanted to do something artistic and in fashion cause ever since a teenager I would sketch designs for gowns.  Then I started coming across so many self-taught photographers, even discovering a lot of the great professional photographers had had no schooling other than teaching themselves. So I thought if they could do it then so can I and that way it was free, I was teaching myself something that could possibly take me on a new career path.  And since then I’ve been so absorbed in photography, mostly thinking up of new concepts from imagining the garmets, the styling, the makeup, the hair, I just love creating stories in my head of photos to take. My mind can be in constant overdrive sometimes to the point where I’ll be sitting at my desk job and an idea would hit me and I’d have to stop and nut out this whole storyline for a shoot and start jotting down notes or draw stick drawings of the poses or lighting set up.  Or I may hear the lyrics of a song or a scene from a movie and viola that takes me on a new journey for an idea to translate into a photograph.  As both a person and an artist I think I am very sensitive and mutable, just like my element of water, as my astrological sign of Pisces goes.  I consider myself to work well with others in realising their visions as well.  Some artists will have their distinct style imprinted on whatever photo they take for whatever purpose it is used for, but I don’t really think my artistic style is that strong that you see it in every photo shoot that I have done.  I keep changing, experimenting and adapting my style to the person or the designer’s style of clothing I am shooting.  I want to be able to be versatile and be given anything to shoot and be able to do it and do it in a way that subtly you can see it was “one of Katriena Emmanuel’s photos”.

My dream would be to one day work for a high end fashion magazine and have the creative freedom to shoot fashion in a way where there are no boundaries of artistic interpretation, experimentation and expression and of course with the element of fantasy injected into it.  Give me a cardboard box and like a child I will imagine up different ways to play with it and have fun. I also have this idea, that if I worked for like Vogue Australia for example, I would love to travel to every little nook and crany of Australia and shoot beautiful designer threads against those backdrops.  Sort of like a caravan expedition throughout Australia, to little villages, towns, ruins, rock faces, caves, beaches, waterfalls, carrot fields, mines, farm houses and just not only showcase Australian fashion designers but all of what Australia has to offer to the rest of the world.  Really make it an expedition that could be chronicled because I think they are a zillion places here in Australia that have never been featured in fashion magazines, not everything has to be shot against the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Ayers Rock.  There is so much beauty and magic in the scapes that is why I still prefer shooting outdoors in natural light.  However, on the other side, shooting in a small studio space throws at you the challenge to be more creative and you have to use your imagination even harder in that space than it is improvising outdoors with the interaction of the environment.

One day, I would also like to use my photography, even through fashion photography, to bring more awareness of things that touch me deeply. I had originally intended to use my blog to post photos that I take, but its become sometimes a way for me to express mostly in writing my thoughts about certain topics.  I feel good about inspiring people and I love inspiring people, whether it is through my words or my photos.  If I hadn’t taken up photography as a hobby, I’d probably ended up as a counselor somewhere, because I am a good listener and empathetic person that I always want to help motivate and inspire people.  Sadly, sometimes I can use a bit of my own medicine.

In summary, my dream is to do what I love and love what I do and get paid to do it all over again every day! Hopefully I can resign my desk job and take up photography full time, not as a job but as a career, cause everything about photography is a journey not a chore.