Royalty-Free Music For Creative Projects

We give royalty-free music to artists for use in films and multimedia projects.

You Can Use These However You Want

I started doing this back when the Nonsense Society was born, but it never caught on. Every day I watch artists hide their amazing work from the world because they are terrified that someone will steal it and they won’t make any money. Don’t do that! I hope to hear some of my music on the big screen someday. Until then, I want anyone and everyone to use it.

I ask that you donate at least 99 cents per song. Anything above that would be really nice. Use the music all you want, but please cite my name. I’d love to see the project when it’s done.

Chris Collins

P.S.If you want me to write music specifically for your project let me know.

Join Me!

Spread your creativity to the world! It feels good, I promise. If you want to donate some of your music to this movement, email me at

The Music

All tracks are available for purchase and download on my bandcamp page or on iTunes. You can get the whole album or each piece individually. Please note: I add new tracks often!

Creative Commons License

Create something with one of these and Nonsense Society will gladly promote it.

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