Nonsense Thoughts Competition: Winners!

Nonsense Thoughts Competition: Winners!

Non•sense Thought |ˈnänˌsens θôt|

Nonsense Thoughtsnoun

1 a work of creativity created without censoring oneself

2 the result of one’s ability to express the spectacular nonsense within their mind or heart.

Patricia Nabong (Phillipines)

You– All we need to know of ourselves is why we do what we do and whom we do it for

Me– All we need to know of ourselves is why we do what we do and what’s in it for us.

You and me_Patricia Nabong

Mellanie Carney (New Mexico, USA)

I Dream in Green

I dream in green
where once upon a lifetime
your footsteps carved a path
to my door.
I dream in sun
that our smiles were the envy
of the brightest rays.
I dream in sweat…
in clothes that could never quite
make it
back to our bodies.
Dreams in rain…
drops of sadness creeping down
the window
Of what used to be.

Katie Eleanor (Maidstone, UK)

“i think i’d quite like to be a star…(fish).”


6. Mary Robinson (Atlanta, USA)


R. Wade Wilshusen (Austin, USA)

Second Hand
Birds spit strings in six flavors
Smoke, time, tinges of brown on finger edges.
The cobweb foam ebbing after a first pint-sip, just plain spit, a mist sharpening now, just now.
Just now, dripping at half-speed house bpm: water.
Rivulets converging, tributary spilling, a bucket carried with lazy knees knocking.
The television is off; hear it not making noise. Three fans roaring, whispering, churning, telling inside jokes.
Just now, a descending squirrel rasped leaves:
An excuse to yell about baseball.
A splitter is the hardest pitch to hit.
Fastball arm action, deceptive motion, control the direction by applying pressure to different seams.
Try a sixty five mile-per-hour (an hour: excruciating, searing, ticking seconds gashing wind strokes, rapidly deteriorating stomach lining,
windsocks torn, angrily portending storms, staring, waiting, tearing skin and pressing fingernails into palms, ripping by, the seconds,
tenths of seconds sprinting odometer circles [and hour can be either good or bad and as you age, time becomes proportionately less significant. To a one-hour-old infant, an hour is 100% of your life.
When your’e thirty, an hour’s two sitcoms and a six-pack] just to leave a mark)
pitch starting off well above the strike zone and dropping, just now.

Bethany Grace (Prague, Czech Republic)

“To shoot or not to shoot. That is the question.”
Bethany Grace - to shoot or not to shoot, that is the question

Mahima Bhatia (Delhi, India)


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Derek Shaak (Virginia, USA)

“Our relationship transcends the bedroom.”

Friendship Afterdark


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