Young Artist Showcase: Natasha Sadikin (17, USA)

Young Artist Showcase: Natasha Sadikin (17, USA)

Sometimes I feel like I can stand for eternity in front of an “awe-inspiring” photograph, and I hope that one day, a person will do that to my work too ^__^

Natasha’s photography grabs me by the heart and drags me through the mud. Her compositions disturb and inspire me. At only 17, I encourage Natasha to take her skill and run with it. She has something special.

Natasha Sadikin

natasha-sadikin-thumbMy name is Natasha Sadikin, 17 years old, from San Francisco, and I absolutely love photography. I got my first Digital SLR when I was 15 and since then, I’ve had a real fun time exploring anything and everything. I feel that my work is mostly dreamy and leaps into the world of fairy tales and the innocent (although sometimes I throw some horror in there). I do mostly portraits, but sometimes I’ll do landscape and such. I’ll be going to college soon and I cant wait to further explore photography :D


She’s good. Get over it.

  • President’s committee of the Humanities and the Arts, Washington D.C.
  • De Young Museum, San Francisco
  • San Francisco Superior Family Court, San Francisco
  • Carnegie Hall, New York

More Natasha?

She’s out there. Don’t be shy.

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