Young Artist Showcase: Mary Robinson (16, USA)

I first found 16 year old Mary Robinson’s photostream a few months ago, and added her as a contact immediately. Her photos are some of my favorite kind– the type that seem to carry a memory with them. It could be yours, or hers, or anybody’s. But that’s just it. It’s alive. It has that hint of another dimension… time, smell, touch, emotion. Her film photos especially seem to hold this quality. These are the things I want to look at, the pretty way that I want to live. Her photos inspire me to do so. I hope you find the same :)

part four

Mary Robinson (USA)

mary-robinsonI’m Mary Robinson and I’m 16! I have lived in Atlanta my whole life and I love it. There are so many places to take pictures and so many interesting people to take pictures of. I love photography and I have been obsessively taking pictures for about a year now (I started on my 16th birthday) I love seeing the world through a lens and capturing the expressions and movements of people. I love everything about photography and I know I’ll be taking photos for the rest of my life.

tebbetts-thumbEmily Tebbetts
Boston Editor