How to Make Money Doing What You Love

For the past couple months the great Angela Lussier and I have been working on an eBook to help our audiences. As far as I am concerned, everyone involved in Nonsense Society is looking to live the creative life that they love and make money doing it (yes, it’s okay to want money). I want that for all of you. I am planning on posting more articles and tutorials to help my audience. You have the talent, you have the platform, and now I am going to help you take the next step. Talent isn’t enough if you don’t know what to do with it. This is the first of more great things to come. Get the ebook and find out how to make money doing what you love. Whatever that may be…

The People Involved

Angela Lussier is an award-winning speaker, author of “The Anti-Resume Revolution: The Innovative & Forward-Thinking Guide for Job Seekers and Aspiring Entrepreneurs Who Want To Do What They Love”, and owner of 365 Degrees Consulting in Springfield, Massachusetts. Angela works with job seekers and entrepreneurs who are looking for creative ideas and inspiration for their career strategy. Her advice has been featured on Yahoo!, NBC, ABC, and several career search books. Ms. Lussier is the President of Pioneer Valley Toastmasters, Public Relations Chair of the Women Business Owners Alliance of the Pioneer Valley, Co-Founder of the Do What You Love Group, and one of the American Heart Association’s “Leading Ladies of Western Mass” for 2010.

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Chris Collins is an artist, designer, musician, filmmaker, visionary, author, and creative entrepreneur. He best known as the Curator and Creator of the popular international arts website, gallery, and community: Nonsense Society. Chris is trying to build a community of artists who understand how to make art and emotion interchangeable. If it makes him feel something, he is listening. He has been featured on PBS for his work in music compositon, performed in 7 different countries, sang at Carnegie Hall, and is an award-winning filmmaker. Creative people from around the world come to Chris for help in doing what they love.

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A special thanks goes out to Tessa Abrahams for contributing the cover photograph for this eBook. Tessa is a 19 year-old photographer raised by LA’s waves. She is currently doing her best to stand out in New York City. Fortunately, she caught the eye of Chris Collins and soon became a featured member of Nonsense Society. She is the perfect example of young talent struggling to live off the passion that she loves.

“I exist for the sheer bliss of seeing beauty in this world that often times can be unforgiving and cruel.”

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