Mela Blust: Poet/Photographer

I love using words to capture my feelings, and I love using a camera to capture the beauty of life.

Meet Mela Blust, a 28 year-old poet/photographer from New Mexico, USA. Mela’s submission caught the attention of the Nonsense Society, because it combines two arts in one. We are all about this! Take a look at how words and images inspire Mela, and hopefully they will inspire you as well. Welcome, Mela.


Shards of Time

Another fragment in time,
That we somehow
Managed to capture.
Trapped in my mind
Like a firefly in a jar.
A beautiful shard of time
Where we sat on a mountaintop,
Smiling like idiots in love.


Feather floats on breeze
And finds it’s way to me.
Comes to rest on my knee
Under the willow tree.
Feather where have you been…
Have you seen the morning sky
Ablaze with a million facets
Wondrous to any eye?
Have you seen the oceans vast
And mountains unsurpassed?
Creatures wandering to and fro
Watching you as you go?
Have you traveled to distant lands
Been passed through so many hands
Sure that you’d come to find
The innocent and kind?
And found your way to me
Who will carefully
Tuck you in my shoe
And take care of you…
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Mela Blust

Mela BlustI started writing poetry when I was in the third grade. I entered a poetry contest that my school was hosting, and I won first place. Everyone was blown away by the writing I produced at such a young age. I never stopped. Over the years, poetry has been many things to me – a release when I am sad, a friend, an inspiration, a means of coping, and a way to express my love of the people around me and of the world.
Photography came a little later, in high school, when I took a photography and darkroom course. I dabbled in it for a while, then a few years ago I got pretty serious about it and started taking a camera with me everywhere. I recently started doing portraits for friends and coworkers, and it gained momentum. I have done couples portraiture and individual portraits for quite a few people I know. It seems to be the sister to poetry…I love using words to capture my feelings, and I love using a camera to capture the beauty of life.