Stop Motion Animation by Marissa

Stop Motion Animation by Marissa

The Nonsense Society sees new submissions all the time, but what is it exactly that makes the cut? What stands out? When it comes down to it, we are all about creativity. We crave new ideas and raw talent. This post features stop motion animation by long-time Society Member and close friend, Marissa Grossi. Marissa consistently demonstrates incredible talent and creativity in her art. We have chosen to recognize her here.

Keep Sake

Music by Andrew Bird
Starring Kellie & Katie Forrest

A Cube and Sphere

So cute it will make you want to puke.
Music by Chris Greenwood

Tea Time

Marissa Grossi

marissa-thumbMarissa is an artist/photographer/creative person currently studying photography at MassArt in Boston. Besides art she likes horses and junk? She didn’t tell me anything to say here, so I don’t know what else you want from me. Do you want to know where she lives, or something? Creep! I mean, I’m just the guy who writes the bios. I don’t actually know these people! I bet nobody will even notice this digression. Nobody ever notices me. I’m not even on the “About” page! What would my title be, bio-writer? It should be Ghostwriter, that was a cool show. Anyway, back to Marissa… She’s super cool, nice, and talented. Watch these videos because I said so. Toodles.