Photographic Portraits of Women

The following is an showcase of portrait photography featuring women. Both the photographers and models are inspiring. It is not easy to create captivating photos like these. Top 5 things to learn from these photos: lighting, color, framing, background, and overall creativity.

Remember, all rights to works posted on The Nonsense Society are reserved by the controlling rightholder(s). Click on each image to see the source.

If you can identify the name of the photographer of one of these works, please contact us so that we may cite correctly.

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Women Photographers in the Nonsense Society


For all who were horrified by my choice of title and were expecting female photographers:

Sorry for the confusion!


Add yours
  1. Emily Tebbetts

    Thank you so so so much for including me in this absolutely amazing collection– I am so blown away by these photos and I can’t even tell you how flattered I am to be a part of it!! :)

  2. kendra

    This isn’t “Women in Photography”- this is “photographs of women.” Instead of being the makers of the art (as is implied), they’re the objects. See the difference?

  3. John

    I like the mystery in the title as it encourages visitors to take a closer look. I wonder if the title was “Men in Photography” with the subject matter being artistic photographs of men would the visitor above have criticized it? Probably not.


    en la simpleza de un ángulo, una iluminación, y una pose, la belleza del animal mejor dotado de la tierra (en el mar, reinan los delfines)

  5. Just David

    There are some great images here. Many are very alluring. A few didn’t impress me so much. I really like the excellent use of color in some of them. There is one in particular where the woman is of the type that has always attracted me. If she were the bait and I was the fish, all someone would have to do is just reel me in. A couple of the photos have a style that reminds me of ‘Scavullo”, one of the best in the fashion/portrait photographer profession ever. And yes, while the title is ambiguous, It’s not that hard to figure out after the first few. I just think she was looking for some way to be critical because she maybe felt they were being objectified. I once met Edward Weston’s son, Brett, at an exhibit of his work, in a Gallery in Carmel. When I asked how he shot one of his photos, he appeared offended, saying,”You shoot from the hip with an M-1, you shoot with a .45 Automatic! I photograph! (Nothing but semantics- some antics.) I could have told him I shoot with a Canon.

  6. Moses Banks

    To: All Concerned,
    I find validity in the points given with respect to “Women In Photography”, and would think that this is a refference to “Women That Are Photographers”. But in all fairness, whose to say that the women in these photoes are not photographers? But that’s neither here not there. My concern is why bash someone who has shown no ill intent in posting their work. This person deserves a chance, not a bashing. Can we disagree without being disagreeable? We all have struggles, and when we do, there is nothing like a little encouragement to help us along our way.
    Moses Banks

  7. lindsey

    This is beautiful, I love the way these photos capture the essence of women in general…fun, creative, beautiful, each in their own unique way. Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. John

    I like the way Hector says it above…. (in english for those who don’t speak spanish)… “in the simplicity of an angle, lighting and pose, the beauty of the animal most gifted of the earth (at sea, dolphins reign)” …well said Hector.

  9. Brenda

    I love this presentation, subject and composition. For me, it is an inspiration, as they each have a life of their own. I take it as it in photography. Thanks.

  10. Happy Rabbit

    Sorry….but ‘contrived’, and ‘Yawn’ mostly spring to mind.

    Mainly average manipulation of mediocre pictures.

    Perhaps I’m not so sorry after-all.

  11. *yawn*

    Unoriginal. These blogs are a dime a dozen all sharing the same photos over and over and over again. Give viewers something to get excited about, something unique in content, and you will find very few care what you title your entries.

  12. Samantha

    You know what? I think this page was beautiful. I’m a model and a photographer (and, most importantly – a WOMAN) and I ALWAYS get excited by other beautiful women in photographs, and as photographers, and all of these ARE gorgeous. The point of the article may not even have been to incite all these awesomely warm feelings inside the heart of every single visitor that happened to experience this page for all of .02 seconds, but maybe because the AUTHOR looked at these pictures, experienced happiness, and made it permanent to share. Think about someone other than yourselves, people.

    If you don’t like it, move on… find something else that moves you. If you do like it, share your happiness. Refer it to someone else.

    @Chris, I get your point, I don’t think the title is confusing, I HAVE seen that “women in art” page and am also a fan of it. Good job, you’ve got a great collection. Both this website and the “women in art” website have inspired me greatly. :)

  13. Melly

    I agree with Samantha! The whole idea here is to showcase inspirational art and share it with others. It spreads joy and happiness to most who view it (visual art/literature) or hear it (music). I say – spread the happiness around as it can grow. The negative people who write are obviously trying to spread something else… for if they don’t like this kind of thing why look? Keep the beautiful work of this website coming!

  14. dingobully

    Great! I already had a couple of these as favorites on the weheartit site, but I’ve added a couple more now. For people who didn’t get the title, I think they probably could have figured out what you meant by looking at the photos, eh? If they are still confused they’ve got issues! LOL.

  15. David

    After seeing title: Ooh!!
    After seeing pictures: Fooey.
    @dingobully: Don’t be mean. You and I both know they weren’t confused, just disappointed.

  16. KK Moore

    You guys are way behind and totally naive if you consider some of these nude photos porn. This is an art people! They’re not meant to be sexually motivating at all, just…honest. The picture of the girl in the fetal position is oddly comforting. It’s like she’s a child again. Great photos!

  17. KK Moore

    Oh yeah, and have you never heard of an intriguing title to get the readers’ attention? That’s what this is, and that’s why there’s a description at the top. If it’s not what you want, then move on.
    P.S. I like the title

  18. dingobully

    You’ve got a real roll of comments going here. The only thing missing is someone saying the photos are fake/shopped. LOL! People must have found this page interesting to stop and make a comment whether it be positive or negative. Good job.

  19. Eduardo

    What a useless and meaningless discussion about the title. Forget about that and watch the most beautiful thing that ever bornt, woman.

  20. dingobully

    Right? And for those calling porn and soft-core and other nonsense, you have to actually have nudity for that. There is nothing exposed here that you couldn’t see in a G-rated movie. Even the Little Mermaid showed more skin than this LOL! OK I’m done now.

  21. Quixotic Tai

    This is all really nice and pretty, but it’d be nice to see some women with darker skin up there, too. Good job, though~

  22. John F.

    Well, I’ve been a professional writer for the last 18 years, an illustrator most of my life, and a serious photographer for the last three. So I’m guessing you wouldn’t mind if I threw my hat into this ring.

    Your title, Chris, is confusing — I almost DIDN’T click through, because I thought this would be a profile of women in photography. And I didn’t feel like reading about photographers. I was more interested in seeing some women in well-taken photos. And these are. You’ve got great taste in your selection, in my opinion.

    The title confusion, though, is this: “photography” and your other example, “art illustrations,” are not analogous. The former is an industry or a general class pertaining to an art form. The latter is a physical product of an industry or form of art. If “illustrations” had lacked the “s,” your comparison would have been more pure.

    Sorry, but them’s the breaks.

    P.S. That doesn’t change the fact that you’ve picked some nice photos for this page.

  23. Vanessa

    Oh my goodness when I had to click through to this site, I was not at all confused by the title. I knew it was about women in photographs. I must say that you have done a brilliant job on the title because we are all talking about it.My favourite one is the girl with the flower, her lips have the same tone and texture as the flower. I love this site and the commentary is very entertaining. Thank you for a great 20 min of my life

  24. Sophie

    Women in Photography? It would be more suitable to have titled this White Women in Photography. There is not even one photo of a black or asian model, or even someone mixed-race. These girls are beautiful but look exactly the same, how about a bit of diversity? Douchebag.

  25. Chris McCarthy

    Ah yes, now I remember why I removed the comments page from my website ! You are doing sterling work, fending off those with nothing better to do than criticise.
    I was neither confused nor misled by the title, but am saddened that those who were have repeatedly sought to draw attention away from the collection itself.
    You have put together a delightful collection of photo-images, which could only be considered pornographic by somebody with ‘issues’ about women.
    Whilst people are ranting about the lack of different ethnic groups, they need to look more carefully at the individual images. Ethnicity is not just a ‘colour’ issue as some appear to believe. There are racial differences amongst these women.
    Your site is a delight to view. Thank you for your work.

  26. AshleyInTheMiddle

    I wish there was woman of different body types and races I mean it isn’t like required and these are all amazing fantastic pictures but I would really like to see some women still being beautiful despite todays norm of beauty.

  27. Disappointed

    1st My girlfriend doesn’t wear makeup and she doesn’t often shave her legs. She is intelligent and determined to ignore massive social pressure to feminise. This page does not simply show photographs of women. This is a representation of women who pose as fragile little creatures and live to clad themselves in makeup for you. Let’s not be pretentious about this: these glossily sexualised women’s appeal lies somewhere between the viewer’s libido and under-developed sense of emotional depth. This is such a specific genre of femininity that the all-encompassing title ‘women in photography’ is actually quite misleading.

    2nd Chris, everybody appreciates that you’ve worked hard on this site. But you still sound like a penis.

  28. philblesky

    All a bit pretentious for me. Who gives a crap about the title? Do you lik the pictures? Have you lost anything in looking at these. Did anyone suffer? No. Don’t be so stupid. What I would say to the poster of this is that the key to the images being attractive is more than 50 percent subject matter. All of the women are hot. That’s appealing to men and women alike. They are all very healthy and attractive. Take a few snaps with a half decent digital of these women and they would sit well here.

  29. dingobully

    I’m sorry but I can’t stop coming back to this page to see fantastically ridiculous comments like this gem:

    “these glossily sexualised women’s appeal lies somewhere between the viewer’s libido and under-developed sense of emotional depth.”

    …and complaints about no black, brown, orange women etc. as if this is the only accessible page on the Internet to see photos of women. Your Stumbleupon count is up to 92,000! Gotta love it. I’ll be back tomorrow.

  30. KK Moore

    @ Disappointed, did you even look at all of the pictures? In most of the photos the girls are wearing hardly any makeup. Just look at the girl with the freckles. They are NOT sexualized at all and they are NOT posing as fragile little creatures. Maybe if you opened up your mind a little bit you would realize that.

  31. Josh

    what i find most intriguing is how even the most compelling photos and compositions keep evolving and growing into new directions. By seeing these photos, it pushes the boundaries of creativity for the next generation of photographers. Perpetual inspiration.

  32. appreciator

    great photographs and very inspiring, great work!
    thought id also mention that there are an awful lot of whiny “douchebags” on here clearly looking to validate/ make themselves feel better through negatively commenting and picking fault with your work.

  33. Walle

    Gosh, the majority of the posters that have posted comments to this are true morons. Someone even wrote something like “Just an excuse to shoot schild pornography”. I mean, what the heck? Child pornography?? What’s up with that poster?

    Truly beautiful pictures, done by GREAT FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHERS :)


  34. Hannah

    Probably already said but I can’t be bothered to read all the comments. These women are photographed by women! Note the list of women who took the photographs listed at the end of all the images. That is why it is called “Women in Photography” and for those other comments that prompted me to reply, there is a book called “Men in Photography”! It sits with all my other photography books on my bookshelves.

    Nice collection of pics, however, I would have preferred to see some more creative/natural shots than typical fashion rag shots.

  35. The Bandit.

    These were okay. But as many said, where are the Minorities. Being a black girl myself, I was disappointed to see not ONE black model up there. Try using a diverse. From the palest of white, to the darkest of brown. White girls are not the only girls that exist, and I wish people would take a look and realize beauty comes in all shades and races. I know it’s your work and your choice, but you’re not going to appeal to a lot of audiences, especially in an “inspiring” state just using whites.

  36. Ryan Ford

    The pics could have included “the palest of white, to the darkest of brown.” but that wasn’t the point.

    “Top 5 things to learn from these photos: lighting, color, framing, background, and overall creativity.” Read.

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