Nonsense Community Vol. 1

This series recognizes extraordinary members of the Nonsense Society community. It is always a pleasure to hear from readers, fans, and fellow artists. In this post we’d like to promote a few artists who have been involved in the community recently and give them some helpful feedback. If anyone has anything to add, please share in the comments.

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LxrKan is an Irish graphic artist, photographer, and web designer. LxrKan is 17 years old and primarily self-taught. Very cool. He also is very supportive of all the other artists here. A real class act. He sent me this graphic he has been working on.

UnAvail [able] logo

It goes without saying that for 17 years old, LxrKan has incredible potential and talent. I like how he keeps things simple. Lots of graphic artists tend to take a concept and go a little crazy. LxrKan has a good grasp of overall composition. In some of his designs I notice that he strays from symmetry. I like this. Symmetry is often boring. He also gives out free photoshop tutorials on his YouTube Channel. He’s a great guy and I hope he stays involved. Thanks LxrKan.

Here are some great tips for web designers and graphic designers from our friends over at Build Internet!

SIM, Virtual Grafitti

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Corinah Sharpova

Corinah is a great young photographer who sent me some photos she wanted to share. Check it out.


I really like Corinah’s use of white space. Her photos often have empty backgrounds that help viewers concentrate on the subject. The subjects of her photos are also very real. Too many photographers take empty glamour shots that hide the personality of the person in the photo. I feel like her photos say a lot more than one might think. I would also like to mention how well she uses low saturation in her photos. Overall, she is very creative and talented.


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Fabio Mancin

Italian photographer, designer, and artist Fabio Mancin has been involved here at the Nonsense Society and recently shared some of his photos with me. Here are a couple of my favorites.


I really like how he captures the life around him. The pictures are beautiful, yet candid. I feel like he takes his camera everywhere and genuinely sees art in everyday life. We need more artists like this. He also has great control of framing. In many of my favorites from him photostream the subject is almost out of frame. Great work.


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Scott Ferrede

Scott is a Canadian photographer and owner of the CORE Photography. He has been a professional for nearly two decades. I am truly happy to see him as a part of the Nonsense Society community.


I am tempted to name Scott Ferrede the go-to guy for portrait and event photography in the Kitchener area without researching his competition. He is truly a pro in the studio. His technique is wonderful, his craft impeccable, and he captures emotion in his subjects. Bravo.


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