An Interview With Yoann Lemoine

I recently interviewed filmmaker/director/photographer Yoann Lemoine. Prior to 2004 Yoann studied animation, illustration, and screen-printing. After illustrating children’s books he went on to direct television commercials and music videos. Below you can watch the music video to Moby’s new single “Mistake” from the album Wait For Me, directed by Yoann Lemoine. He lives in Paris and New York, directing films, animating, illustrating, printing, sculpting, knitting, and making collages. Yoann describes his work as  follows: “I could say my creations are related to subjects such as childhood, absence, nostalgia, sexuality, fashion, symbolism, and of course that patchwork, that collision between different worlds and techniques, which is what I’m made from, I guess.”

Banner photo by Yoann Lemoine.

Where does your creative inspiration come from?

I live in a very creative environment, with a lot of directors, musicians, artists, it’s very motivating. I also listen to a lot of music, which is one of my major source of inspiration. I also have some Directors and artists that I consider as my masters, I’m thinking about Gus Van Sant, Michel Gondry, Wes Anderson…

What is the single most important quality that has lead to your success?

I have no idea, maybe I try to be as sincere and emotive as possible in my films. I’m often talking about subjects that are related to my childhood and my intimacy, so I guess people like this aspect of my work. I’m also a technics passionate. I love computers and new technologies, and my films are often pretty technical, which makes them a bit special hopefully. I think the mix of these 2 aspects is pretty exclusive too.

How do you overcome scrutiny and competition?

It’s very hard. I spend a lot of time alone in my office on the internet looking at the other director’s work, and i find it very brilliant. I’m easily very jealous. The cure for that is to go out a lot and meet a lot of other directors, it really helps me, you hear the same problems and expectations.

Looking back at your journey to where you are, what do you wish you had done differently?

Well maybe I know my goal better than I did at the beginning. At first I was experimenting a lot, playing in a big playground.
Now I know my goal is feature film and a certain type of feature film that starts to be precise in my head. So every short film or commission film I am doing now has to be some kind of exercise or has to be helpful for me in this road to feature film. If I had know I would have focused on my ‘ultimate’ goals earlier, and wouldn’t have cared about the other’s opinion.

Find out more at Yoann’s website or myspace.