Young Photographer Week: Andy McMaster

“Photography means that I can be myself! It means that I can not only make sense of all those ideas in my head but also be involved with fashion. I can create those images I see when I close my eyes! I can be different. I suppose I was never your normal child… always reading the fashion magazines over other childhood books, never playing in the park, and rather playing with my camera. I was hooked from a very young age! Then about 18 months ago my father paid a model to model for me. That’s when everything felt right! My love of fashion and photography became one! It was then and there that I knew what I wanted to do! Hopefully, one day it will mean that I can shoot for our major fashion icons!”

– Andy McMaster


All images are Copyright Andy McMaster, All Rights Reserved.

Andy McMaster

I’m a 16 year old photographer based in Brisbane, Australia! I have always had a love for photography. Ever since I first laid my hands on a camera the age of 3 I’ve been in love with it all! I also love fashion and beauty, hence combining my loves to do what I do!