Young Photographer Week: Julia Wang

Young Photographer Week: Julia Wang

“Photography for me is a way of stopping time and immortalizing everything I see around me, with a simple click of a shutter. I also see it as a way of preserving life, history, and culture. Born and raised in an “ideal” American suburb, I’ve never had much taste of the world around me. There are more than 6 billion people in this world, and I want to know how their lives are like. With photography, you can capture the beauty of life and keep it forever. There is only so much you can do with writing, the rest you have to see with your eyes.”

– Julia Wang


All images are Copyright Julia Wang, All rights Reserved.

julia-wang-thumbMy name is Julia Wang. I am a fifteen-year-old art junkie obsessed with bokeh, life, and the world. Photography to me is a way to capture a piece of time, and keep it forever to show the world. I love travel, new cultures, and lifestyles. My biggest passion is to one day become a photojournalist working for national geographic, but until then I like to dabble in all genres of photography and keep an open mind :) I also enjoy fashion, nature, movement, portraiture, and conceptual photography. most of my photos are results of spontaneous moments and people, in their natural happy self. A lot of people like to call themselves visionaries with unique visions of beauty, but I just call myself just a regular girl with a passion for taking photos of life on Earth and the people I love.