Young Photographer Week: Emily Tebbetts

Young Photographer Week: Emily Tebbetts

“Photography has become my definition. It has infested every sense and emotion that I have. There is nothing that I love that I do not want to capture with a camera, whether it be physical, emotional, or conceptual … or something that doesn’t quite exist at all. Taking photos is such a rush for me– but its one that I never come down from. I want to be unique, and I want to make people feel when they look at my photos. My favorite characteristic of a photo is that little piece of soul that is completely indescribable but twists your organs and gives you a glimpse at some non-existent wisdom, if only for a fleeting second. I feel as though I have found a passion that I will stay faithful to for my whole life, something that will only complement every joy and sorrow that I go through. In a way, it makes the good times better and the bad times more beautiful. Photography is the air I breathe, the thoughts in my head, and the feeling on my fingertips. I will never, ever give that up.” – Emily Tebbetts

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emily-tebbetts-thumbMy name is Emily Tebbetts. Im a just-turned-18 year old photographer interested mainly in fashion and portraiture. I haven’t quite found out who I am yet, but every time I take a picture its as though I’m uncovering another piece of my soul. Ive always liked photography, but Ive only started shooting people and with a purpose since January 2009. Since then, I’ve become permanently bonded and borderline obsessed with my camera. I feel like I’ve really found my niche, and I love every second I spend doing photography related activities. Most of my work is done with a Nikon D80 and various lenses, but my most recent shoot and self portraits were done with my new Nikon D700 and 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm f/1.8 lenses. And of course, if I didn’t have my beautiful friends to model for me and amazing artists to inspire me, I’d be nothing.








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  1. cynthia beal

    I am so proud of you, Emily. You express your creativity beautifully through photography and through the written word. Follow your dream!

  2. Christopher

    Yeah Emily,
    I think you definitely found yourself!! I’ve been working with models (mostly women) for several years, and I’ve only occasionally produced work up to your standard! Keep up the great work!!!

  3. matt

    OMG MY COUSIN IS FAMOUS!!!!!! your pictures are great, Em. I just had to move a bunch of photos from Grandma’s laptop to her brand new computer and i came across a TON of pictures you took!! b.e.a.-utiful!

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