Love Yourself by Danielle Mulcahy

Love Yourself by Danielle Mulcahy

A heartwarming film by Danielle Mulcahy.

Love Yourself

Copyright 2008 Danielle Mulcahy, All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Brian McCormick

    After watching this video I immediately went to your website and watched a few of your other videos; they are all very intriguing. I think it has to do with your artistic style of editing (I love the quick cuts). I was blown away by this, I hope to see more of your videos.

  2. Josh Hummel

    I love the cuts between the girl at the mirror and the animation of the girl at the mirror. It’s a great parallel scene. The audio at the pool is a little loud, but tough recording there. Otherwise, like I went to your site as well and loved all of the senior portraits. Awesome work!

  3. jennabea

    I’m recovering from an eating dis order and I stumbled this web site and found this video. I love this and I can’t wait to share it with my girls group.

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