Nonsense Art Competition + Get Published

Nonsense Art Competition + Get Published

The time has come. I am finally publishing my first book and inviting YOU, Nonsense Society, to be a part of it! Since the start of 2010 I have received a lot of hype around my ridiculous, Nonsense Thoughts. The crowds have spoken. “Chris, we want more! You need to publish a book or something!” Well, this fall I am publishing a book and holding a contest for 50 talented creatives to be a part of it!

The Award

The winners of this contest will be published in the first Nonsense Thoughts book ever! It will be available worldwide this fall!

  • Your name and url will be included in the book with your artwork.

The Timeframe

This contest will last until the end of September 2010.

Who Wins?

All submissions will be published on the website. They will be judged by the Nonsense Society community, editors, and myself. Get your friends to vote after they are posted here!

What are the rules?

The world is your burrito.

  • Submit your own Nonsense Thoughts
  • Submit something inspired by my Nonsense Thoughts

It’s up to you how you’d like to get noticed… This could be a drawing, a short story, a photograph, a poem. Submit as many pieces as you’d like.

How do I submit?

Send all submissions to

What are Nonsense Thoughts

Pure. Unfiltered. Uncensored. Expression.

I carry this notepad around with me all the time and when something comes into my head (or heart) I put it down on paper. Some are funny. Some are painful. The idea is that you completely open up YOU. YOURSELF. Who are you? what are you feeling/thinking? Show it here. Please.

Some Examples

Nonsense Thoughts
Nonsense Thought
Nonsense Thoughts
Nonsense Thoughts
Nonsense Thoughts

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